Unwind in the beautiful nature of Spa Bad Laasphe. This lovely town at the base of the mountain named Fang, offers beautiful hiking and biking trails next to a number of other lovely activities. Wander through the small alleyways, authentic half-timbered houses, small churches and nice stores in the historical town’s center.


Bosch Brewery

Save some spare time for a traditional beer. Visit the Bosch Brewery, masters of the craft since 1857. From Pilsener you can go straight to “Pilz”, because Bad Laasphe offers a “must-see” for the nature-loving person: the Mycology-museum. Over a thousand different species of fungi and mushrooms are being featured here!


Trips in Bad Laasphe:
  • Mycology-museum
  • Radio-museum
  • Bosch Brewery
  • Daytrip to Marburg or Dillenburg
  • Weekly market in the historical town’s center