Wellness Hotel AM Fang

Let yourself be pampered at Hotel AM Fang

Indoor pool

Renovated indoor pool As a guest of Hotel AM Fang you have free access to the beautifully renovated indoor pool. The water temperature of the pool is about 30 ° C. Because of its size you can perfectly swim laps…



Massage salon

Massage salon, new at Hotel AM Fang At the massage salon of Hotel AM Fang you can enjoy a Thai aroma oil massage. So choose an aroma oil of your choice and let yourself be pampered! For example, you can…


Hotel AM Fang has various wellness facilities that make your stay even more pleasant. As a guest of Hotel AM Fang you have free access to the sauna, which is open daily between 15:00 and 21:00. Sauna ritual: The sauna…




Fitness room There is a gym next to the swimming pool, where you can maintain or improve your fitness level. The fitness room is equipped with, among other things, a rowing machine, a cross trainer and various weights. Our gym…


Kneipp Pfaffer Sebastian Kneipp and the herbalist Vinzent Preißnitz have rediscovered the best and one of the oldest treatments. This made the Kneipp water fountains world-famous in the 20th century, among other things. The five spearheads of this medicine are…