Pfaffer Sebastian Kneipp and the herbalist Vinzent Preißnitz have rediscovered the best and one of the oldest treatments. This made the Kneipp water fountains world-famous in the 20th century, among other things.

The five spearheads of this medicine are hydrotherapy, nutrition, movement therapy, as well as orderliness and herbal medicine. That is the basis for a healthy, active and satisfied life. Pfaffer Sebastian Kneip treated himself of tuberculosis at the time with the help of this advice and said: “If it is a cure for me, the water will have to be.”

At Hotel AM Fang

In our hotel you will find 2 applications, namely the cold hand bath, as well as the warm foot bath. Its use is as follows: After a hot shower, drain your arms and legs from the bottom to the top with cold water. Repeat the same with warm water and, as a conclusion, again with cold water. You can use one of the Kneipp products, available at the reception.